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21 Ocak 2011 Cuma


I adore french bulldogs. They have an adorable snoring and they're little and cute ! I love the way they run and fall when they jump :D To be honest, they're one of the best dogs which lives well in the cities/apartments because of their size. AND THEY PROTECT YOU TOO ! They have a strong mouth so they bite well. Hehe. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
My puppy also has a french bulldog friend and they always run in the park :O It's so cute to watch ! If I take my video camera with me, I'll record it for you all and share it on here so you can see :'D

Not afraid of ANYTHING

My puppy is too brave ?
Okay so I have this thing happened yesterday. AGAIN.
My puppy never likes the small breeds.
So it always plays with rottweilers,dobermans and some other golden retrievers.
and yesterday, we saw a huge rottweiler then my puppy jumped on it. But seriously IT WAS REALLY HUGE. My puppy barked and growled at it to make it play! Then the rottweiler started to play FOR REAL. Isn't it really weird that a puppy makes a rottweiler to play with it with trying to scare it if it doesnt play ? I have a brave puppy I guess.

Not all of the golden retriever puppies can be brave but I know many others which are like mine. BUT THEY CAN GET SCARED OF GOING OUT IF A DOG BITES IT. SO BE CAREFUL.

Thanks for reading ! :)


P.S; I want to share a funny video on here ! A rottweiler gets mad after the bath it had !

They can bite!

Well as you all know, everybody thinks that golden retrievers never bite. But don't be too sure about that. If you make them angry , they bite and trust me, it certainly will hurt. I'm not trying to make you all to get scared of them but I'm serious, if you have a golden retriever puppy, don't take it close to all the other golden retrievers. It's dangerous. First, ask to its owner, but even if he/she says that it doesn't bite, don't get relaxed. Don't make your puppy to jump on its head because yesterday, my golden retriever puppy made that and the other golden retriever barked and growled. So be careful from all the other dogs dear owners.

1 Ocak 2011 Cumartesi

How can you understand if your Golden Retriever starts to get OLD ???

I know that many of you guys know how to understand it but for the people who doesn't know, I'm sharing this information. 

   The fur on his/her face gets lighter. You can see it better if it's a red/dark yellow type of Golden Retriever.
   It's starts to move slower so you shouldn't take him/her for too long walks because its heart can get tired easily. Just like an old human. 
   P.S; I know some old Golden Retrievers which are 11-14 years old , they still move fast and they're still energetic. That means it's really healthy. But you still shouldn't make them tired or shouldn't play fetch for too long times. So it's energy mustn't trick you. 

Golden Retrievers !?

Well, I think you all know what a Golden Retriever looks like. I mostly like the color of it's fur. It's amazing... It can be white (British type Golden Retrievers), red (Canadian type) and Golden/Light Yellow/Yellow (American Type). Golden Retriever is a middle sized breed.  In females, their height is 51-56 cm (20-22 inches), in males their height is 56-61 cm (22-24 inches). But sometimes, females can grow to 60 cm too. I've seen an example of this before. Golden Retrievers can have some health issues. For example; hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, cataracts, haemophilia, skin diseases and more like this. You can find them all with more explanations on wikipedia or some dog encyclopedias. I've read Gino Pugnetti's dog encyclopedia. But it doesn't tell the health issues of the dogs so that's pretty bad. But it gives information about the breeding of Golden Retrievers and their physical appearances. So I wanted to share this information about these things. I'll give the info about training in my other posts. Maybe I can make some videos with my Golden Retriever puppy ! I want to tell her name, it's Lokum means Turkish Delight. So that's all for now. Peace !